Third Party Reviews

Christophe Foulon | August 02, 2018 |

"Love them, very professional and kind. And if you aren’t happy, more than happy to fix it."

anwar aziz | April 22, 2018 |

"Love this place!!!"

Kyle G. | March 11, 2018 |

"I asked for the $20 cut that includes a hot towel massage and hair wash but the stylist did not do that and she didn't remember to put gel in my hair usually it's a great place but I had someone different last time. I will definitely remember to ask for the same person every time."

Anita Fauchier | February 11, 2018 |

"My son and husband got cuts here today and they look amazing!! Great job!!"

David Y. | April 04, 2013 |

"I went here to get a men's fauxhawk and fade. I was very specific on how the hairstyle looked and even showed the hairstylist a picture. She cut my hair completely uneven everywhere and had to have another stylist come to try to fix the damage, I was told I would just have to wait till it grows back, never coming back."

John M. | June 13, 2013 |

"Wish I could give this place a ZERO. Hair cut simply put was worse then I could do myself, which I had to re cut it at home anyways. Customer service ... I'm not sure anyone working in that place understands what the definition is. Please save yourself to unnecessary expense and waste of your time and go somewhere else."

Michael M. | June 20, 2013 |

"Do not make the mistake of purchasing the MVP Experience as the entire experience was completely rushed and not worth the money. Also, do not be fooled by Holly's post, as she works for Sport Clips. The Barber Shop in the shopping center across the street (next to Sheets) does a far better job for less money."

Jordan W. | August 18, 2013 |

"I don't know where all these bad reviews came from? I went and got a fade and it was cut perfect. My neck line was even, and my sideburns were perfect!!! I will go back again!"

Chris C. | April 06, 2014 |

"Not sure why this place has bad reviews. I really enjoy going here. I went to the one in Manassas, and started going to the Haymarket location right when it opened. Very friendly staff, and they do a great job!"

Matt P. | June 21, 2014 |

"Don't pay attention to the first two reviews, established businesses don't like competition and have a habit of writing BS reviews to hurt new businesses (you can tell by the fact that they haven't written any more reviews). The haircuts are solid, the inside has a cool waiting room where you can watch whatever game is on, and they offer discounts the more you go, so it's a good place to keep coming back to."